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Nick G. Vindivich, Sr.

(Retired 2004)

Nick G. Vindivich, Sr. founded Stockwell in 1984 after leaving a position of Regional Vice-President for a 3,000 employee Mid-Atlantic Building Service Contractor.  He served with distinction in the US Army for 20 years retiring in a1973.  During his tenure as President for over 20 years, Nick has pioneered the growth and leadership for continued success for the company in the Tri-State Area.  Although officially retired, he continues to advise, counsel and instruct as needed to help complete the Vision and Mission of Stockwell Maintenance.

Nick G. Vindivich, Jr.

Nick Vindivich


Nick G. Vindivich, Jr. has been involved in the Building Service Industry for over 30 years serving as cleaning porter, supervisor, area manager, and owner of several cleaning companies.  He also was employed for several years by a Leading Chemical and Machine Manufacturer as a Regional Sales Manager, Government Sales Manager and Far East International Liaison.  His accomplishments included establishing Floor Care Programs for the Pentagon Building, Giant/Eagle Markets, Rite Aid Stores, Sanwa Bank-Takashima Dept. Stores (Tokyo, Japan).  He continues to lead and direct the future of Stockwell’s success for years to come.




Cynthia Barrett

Regional Manager

Cindy has over 25 years experience in hiring, training and managing employees in the Building Service Industry.  The past 20 year has been with Stockwell and she continues to ensure our success in the field.

Bonnie Brooks

Area Manager

Bonnie has been responsible for training and customer service for Stockwell.  She continues to provide excellent results at several key accounts in the Tri-State Area.

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